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Welcome to Lawn And

Welcome to Lawn and, providing all your lawn mower and garden lawn care needs. A lawn is often the dominant area of a garden and by choosing the correct lawn mower and lawn preparation and maintenance plan your lawn can be one to be proud of.

Whether you are looking to buy a lawn mower or find out information on lawn maintenance, laying a lawn or learning about lawn mower repair then you will hopefully find all the information you need right here on Lawn and Mower.

Recent lawn mower and lawn care articles

Lawn Care Calendar - learn when when to mow, scarify, sow seed, lay turf, feed, water...

This lawn care calendar enables you to see what decisions you should be making about your lawn throughout the year and gives a month by month account of the various lawn maintenance tasks that are required.

Top dressing the lawn - advice and reasons for top dressing

Top dressing the lawn has many benefits including improving soil quality, ironing out bumps and hollows, encouraging denser grass growth. In depth guide at Lawn and Mower.

Lawn Sand for use in control of lawn weeds

Lawn Sand is used to control lawn weeds and stimulate grass growth and is more environmentally friendly than most chemical weedkillers.

Installing a lawn drainage system

Find out how to install a lawn drainage system to prevent waterlogged lawns on poorly drained sites.

Aerating the lawn - includes how to aerate and why lawn aeration is important

Learn how to aerate your lawn. Lawn aeration is the process of creating air channels in your lawn so that air can freely pass into the soil and circulate around the grass roots.